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    professional Chinese acupressure massage

    provided by visually impaired masseurs

    Exercise is medicine

    Encouraging primary care physicians and other health care providers to include physical activity when designing treatment plans for the elderly. It

    is committed to the belief that physical activity is integral in the prevention and treatments of diseases and should be regularly assessed and "treated" as part of all medical care.  


    provided by certificated sports trainers

    Chinese acupressure massage training courses



    provided by certificated chinese medicine practitioners and the certified sports trainers

  • About Us

    Strive for equal opportunity, healthy life.

    • We are a social enterprise that provide further education for visually impaired masseuses as well as professional massage services.

    Company Overview

    Heightened Senses limited is a social enterprise that provide further education to visually impaired masseuses, creating new industries by training them to become visually impaired sports therapists. Furthermore, pairing these therapists to provide professional sports massage services for athletes and members of Hong Kong to enhance their sports rehabilitation and health. We also provide massages to corporates at their workplaces.


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    Reason to start this business

    Injury of athletes during sports competitions is very commonplace. Once the injury occurs, it will definitely create a large impact on an athlete’s lives. Therefore, pre and post-match preparation are integral parts of every sporting event. Unlike professional athletes, the public does not have easy access to sports team doctors and often neglects appropriate preparations and rehabilitation. We firmly believes in the idea ​​"prevention of the disease" to prevent the injury from being pre-existing alongside with the rehabilitation after the sports competition.


    1. 一切誤會源於不了解,增加視障人士與社會聯繫及接觸,喚醒大眾對視障人士的了解及認知,有助解決社會對視障關注度低的問題
    2. 締造新型行業,服務運動隊伍,以專業,有活力的方式推廣,吸納年輕一輩的視障人士重新投入工作,以解決年青一代只靠社會支援的現象。
    3. 協助及鼓勵視障人士重投職場,自力更生,促進社會共融
    4. 提供持續進修課程,視障按摩師的薪金亦因應持續進修的程度而制定,以鼓勵他們持續學習,自力更生,解決視障人士在視會中飽受偏見及歧視,不受尊重的問題,建立大同社會

    Who  are we?

    Our motto is to become public’s Chinese Medicine practitioner, and to apply our Chinese medical knowledge into sports science. Traditional Chinese Medicine has a long-established history and unique treatment for sports rehabilitation. We aim to establish a platform to provide opportunities for the public to receive treatment and to lower the chances of getting injured during or after competitions. We hope this project can also raise the awareness of sports injury and popularize the role of Chinese medicine in the sports field. The aim is to serve the public through Chinese medicine.

    Achievement of us

    1.We won in the final pitch held at Xiamen (12 Oct - 15 Oct), beating over 640,000 projects from higher institutions in China.
    【4th China “Internet+” College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition|第四屆「中國互聯網+大學生創新創業大賽」】

    🏅銀獎:Chinese medicine in sports 源一堂- 中醫運動隊醫


    2.Beating more than 2,000 participating higher institutions and over 600,000 projects from different cities in China.
    【China College Students’ Entrepreneurship Competition 2018|創青春浙大雙創杯全國大學生創業大賽】
    🏅銅獎 :公益創業賽銅獎: Chinese medicine in sports 源一堂-中醫運動隊醫




    2019 HKSEC 香港創業挑戰賽冠軍;
    2018 第四屆中國「互聯網+」大學生創新創業大賽社企組銀獎;
    2018 『創青春』全國大學生創業大賽公益創業賽 銅獎 ;
    2018「挑戰盃」全國賽香港區選拔賽—香港大學生創新及創業大賽(社會企業組) 三等獎 ;


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